The Activist Middle

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What Can We Do?
First and foremost, as always, it is staying informed about the issues, the politicians, the legislation, the programs and policies that are put before us on the state and local level as well as the federal level. We need to understand whether these laws and programs are good for us; or are they harmful to us in some way. "Follow the money"; who stands to benefit most from this legislation, policy or program. Ask, how does this help me, my family, community or country?

Be vocal, let our politicians know what we want. Don't be led without consent. Be loud (figuratively speaking) and vocal. Don't be afraid to write (to include email) or call to get the answers to critical questions.

Make sure you understand what is truly best for you. We feel that the "powers that be" have us fighting between ourselves for scraps while the true movers and shakers rake the cream off the top. (I for one use to think that that was some kind of populace crazy talk.) However, the facts are quite sobering and compeling. As it is now, according to every non-partisan source that there is, most of us are stagnating or headed south financially. However, the very top is getting richer and more into a world of their own. They are becoming the "out of sighters". People who live on the same planet and in the same country as we do but live in a completely different world.

We have no problem with people enjoying the fruits of their superior labors or good fortune, we just don't like it when we have a situation where their money advantage begins to 'fix' the game in their favor. We are, you see, a democratic republic. At some level, majority concerns should take priority over all else. It should not be overruled by less than one (1) percent of the population. These notions are not class warfare, (if it were, be would be unarmed; we have no lobbyist, no money or politicians in our back pockets), these are just the facts that we need to soberly consider while on our way to giving these guys the next tax brake.

Any member of congress or the senate that is not truly working for the Middle Class and our country, should be identified and voted out of office. Our only real power is our vote. For the last thirty or forty years we have been voting the way some interest group or the other wanted us to vote. That is, we have been bought, by ads, divisive causes, (ie, rights issues, or party politics), flat out lies and simplistic solutions to complex problems ("a chicken in every pot", etc.), and our own lack of attention to the most important obligation we have as citizens. Voting. We think that the country is where it is today due to the lack of attention by the electorate. We either don't vote, or (as it is with many of us), we don't make considered choices.

We would also do ourselves a great deal of good if we stayed away form cable news, and radio or TV political talk shows. They are making a great deal of money by keeping the American People "Spun Up" about this issue or the other. They are making a good living to our detriment. More importantly, we should not need anyone to interpret the events of the day for us.

And we think that the solution is as simple as our just voting for ourselves and our families as opposed to voting for some party or cause that may or may not benefit us, our families, or the future of our lives in these United States.

We heard someone say during a previous local electoin cycle, that they were not going to vote, in protest, because they didn't like the choices. Our comment to them was simply that the majority of you who choose not to vote are really giving a proxy to those of us who do vote. Thus the voters are free to pick the government and policies that they want without regard for your concerns. You are then living in a democratic republic under rules and policies for which you had no input.
Of course, there are many things that we can do to help ourselves out of this mess.
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