The Activist Middle

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What is The Activist Middle?
The Activist Middle Public Interest Group was started, and the website was setup by a small business owner and some other members of a Little Rock, Arkansas community. As we read, listened and looked at the news, and then talked to each other, some things become quite clear rather quickly:

• A positive future for most Americans and their families is in serious jeopardy.

• The Press has gotten out of control. (They may actually be causing many of our problems.)

• You hear mostly about the problems of the top and the bottom. Very little about the issues of the middle.

• Most Americans don’t seem to know what is going on or how these current issues will affect them now and in the future.

Thus it was this last issue that we thought that we may have some effect. We developed the website with the goal of aggregating news and information about the middle class in America. We also thought that this would be a good place to air out our thoughts on these issues and invite discussion and commentary from others who might want to join us on our discussion forum. Moreover, we thought that should we gain enough interest, we may be able to focus the power of our group on specific issues that could enlighten the general public about national and local legislation from the perspective of the Middle Class.

We run our site like a newspaper (with ads, etc., like the commercial sites) because this site does have cost, and we are not going to go the way of many other public interest sites and ask for contributions. (That leaves open the possibility that someone could affect our tone and direction with a large enough donation.)

We have an email newsletter that we will send to you with periodic updates on the hottest middle class news and our thoughts of course.

We ask for your email to send you the newsletter. We will never use your email to send you anything else. There are no ads in our newsletter.
I am not sure that most people understand just how perilous our future may be if we don’t start paying attention to what is going on and “Vote for ourselves”.
We don’t take a political position on anything. We are not that kind of site. We are only interested in the policy, program or legislation and how it effects the future and livelihoods of the American Middle Classes.
Get our newsletter, participate in our discussion forum. You may present some information, or a way of thinking about an issue, that helps us all.

The Activist Middle