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It doesn’t take a genius to recognize that absent the power of money, in a democracy the only other real strength is in the power of voting numbers. We think that the American Middle Class has allowed its power to be diffused into irrelevance. We have allowed cable news, talk radio, and certain other, so called ‘leaders’ to take away our discretionary ability to look out for ourselves and our families.

Many of us fail to appreciate the complexity of our world just now, and manage to be attracted into policies and programs that often have the net effect of being harmful to us as families and individuals. Many of us would like to believe that simplistic solutions to very, very complex issues and problems are the answer to what ails us now. Unfortunately that is rarely, if ever, the case. Our contention is that when we are voting for ourselves, we will come closer to making the decisions that will move our country forward, rather than devide us. If we are the middle class, we are the middle class individually as well as collectively and individual informed decisions made as individuals will collectively point us in the right direction.

The Activist Middle believes that regardless of your political party, religion, race, policy bent (conservative or liberal), or relative income and assets status, you owe it to yourself to really, really understand; “what’s in it for me”, how does my family and I benefit from (or be harmed by) this legislation or that program, etc.? Where can I find the real facts?

At “The Activist Middle” we will not have all of the facts, for all of the issues, all of the time. However, for the most part, we will be your one stop shop for links to sites where you can find these facts. We will also provide a free email newsletter covering the hot topics of the day to our members.
... and Divided We Fall

The Activist Middle

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