Most of us have become part of one gang or the other with gang codes and colors just like the city gangs we all hold in disregard. Some of us are part of the Republican or Democrat gang, or maybe the religious type X or religious type Y gang. Some of us are part of a white, black or other ethnic gang. Sometimes we see the world from the point of view of only one gang, say the ethnic gang to which we are a part. Or perhaps we are part of multiple gangs that split us even more, into smaller and smaller ideological groups. This is not all bad, coming together in interest groups is an important societal organizing principle that can be essential to allowing us to get things done that are bigger than ourselves (the whole idea behind having a country in the first place).

That is, when it is cooperative and productive. However, if ‘Money’ and the press keep stirring the pot and sowing the seeds of discontent between us, we tend to operate instead like the aforementioned "gangs"; spoiling for a fight. Not interested in the point of view of any other "gang" and willing to fight, to the detriment of all, to get our way.

Most middle class Americans live by 'the grace of God', and thier employers. We have little ability to have a positive effect on the condition of our lives now and in the future. We are indebted to a political structure that does not work for us. If you have any doubts about that, read a few of the articles about the Middle Class in America that we have included on these web pages. It is eye opening.

Politically, our country is being run by the extremes of the two parties, who have agenda's that most often have nothing to do with making our country a place where middle class families can grow and prosper. Many things are going on in the world, (e.g., the rise of Asia, peak oil, the dearth of manufacturing in America, American Business exporting jobs, etc.) and these issues create some of the difficulties with which we have to deal. However, these are challenges that we can meet with the goal of making sure that the American People have an opportunity to prosper now, and that our children will do even better in the future.

Is this not what our democracy is all about? We exist, these United States, as a democratic republic with the sole purpose of bringing about freedom and prosperity for all of its citizens.

 Moreover, the middle class is the engine of our economy. The top 2 percent cannot purchase enough to keep this economy going. And certainly, the "so called" working class and the poor cannot. Without a strong and prosperous middle class, our country will surely suffer economic collapse. And yet the middle class is neglected, exploited, and abused.

Actually, we do have vast aggregate power, but we only use it to the benefit of those who would exploit us, when we buy certain brands, or watch our favorite TV shows, or more importantly, and regrettably, when we vote against our own best interest because we have bought into some subgroups version of what is important and best for all Americans.

Our point is that we have great power in the numbers represented by our main group, the American Middle Class, but we give it away when we let the cable news and radio opinion media, politicians, and religious groups, etc., divide us into subgroups that can very easily have us using the power of our vote to bring about results that are not good for ourselves as families and individuals, or the American People in general.

We would like to ask for your help in getting the word out and rallying support for saving the middle classes, the life blood of our country.

What is Going On?

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We are 75 to 80 percent of the eligible voters in this country. As a block, we should be the most powerful political entity in this country. However, this is (perhaps understandably) not the case. We have no power. We give it away. Money, and the so called "opinion making" press have turned us all into Gang Members.
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